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Mayer Dallal


About Mayer Dallal

Mayer Dallal is a licensed mortgage loan officer and a successful real estate broker licensed in California, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. One of the many reasons Mayer and his team have been at the top of the lending industry for two decades is their success as alternative financing trailblazers. Embracing the concept of non-qualified mortgage loan criteria, Mayer and his group have helped clients qualify for mortgage loans based on nontraditional criteria rather than simply income verification. As a result, Mayer Dallal and his team dominate the non-QM space. Mayer’s clientele range from first-time homebuyers and refinancers to novice and seasoned investors.

As someone with innate charm and charisma, the real estate and sales world was a natural fit for Mayer Dallal. He is known for his authenticity when talking to others, regardless of position or status. After high school, he attended Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, focusing on Marketing. 

Mayer is renowned for his savvy, forceful, and ethical negotiating methods. As a result, he has built an extensive network of mutually beneficial business ties with some of the most well-regarded residential real estate brokers in the area, including the Century 21 tri-state corporate office and other top real estate brokers throughout the Southwest, Florida, and the West Coast. In addition, Mayer has spent years fostering a flawless reputation with secondary managers such as underwriters, operation heads, and sales teams.

In addition to his natural affinity as a people person, Mayer Dallal is equally analytical and restrained when it comes to business. Due diligence is carried out thoroughly as he and his team assess a situation, considering all factors before drawing a plan. His tactics are objective, fair, and reasonable, which is why Mayer is also in such high demand as a public speaker in the banking industry. As a mentor, Mayer is highly sought after for his helpful guidance and tips on success, always highlighting the importance of ethics, accountability, resourcefulness, and professionalism. As a practitioner of a healthy work-life balance, Mayer Dallal also advocates for the importance of finding one’s own ratio, whatever that may be.

In his first role as a Branch Manager, Mayer surpassed all production quotas and effortlessly served as the liaison between corporate underwriters and branch loan officers. In his next position as Managing Director of Mortgage USA, Mayer maintained flawless federal & state compliance scores and created a mutual referring network platform for mortgage loan originators and real estate brokers to interact.

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